Biggest Mouths on this Side of the Equator

If you’ve ever met my two littlest brothers, you’ll know that they have two of the biggest mouths on this side of the equator. They’ll let the worst things slip at the worst times. They’ll torture you with your secrets until they break you. They’ll leave you crying for your sanity.

One time I had this slight crush on a guy, and somehow my whole family were on to me the day after, despite my efforts to conceal anything. Despite what my boyfriend says, it was only a small crush, the sort that you’ll absently think about for a few days then get on with your life.

I think they might have been joking around at first because he was just a guy my age and they thought they’d shake me up a little, but because I’m an awful liar, I admitted to it almost instantly. When I lie, I just smile straight away.

My two brothers reassured me that they were going to tell the guy’s dad, decided against it, and said that they were going to cut to the chase and just tell the guy flat out that I liked him.

When the guy’s family came over, I was so nervous, waiting and waiting for those two to slip. I was sitting there shaking in my boots, hoping for the best. But they never said a word.

Let’s just say payback is going to hit them damn hard.

UPDATE: They did it. I would roll off the surface of the world, but it’s round. Shame.



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