School Hacks for the Struggling Human

Hello, my good friends, battlers through the horrors of school. It’s starting to hit exam time, and if you’re anything like most students, you’re starting to plan your fake death using WikiHow and working out approximately how many hours you can set aside for sleeping each night (about 3). But, hold on, before you start the research, here are some school hacks to make your life easier:

1. Use people that are bigger than you to break crowds in the corridors.
I do this a lot. Just position yourself directly behind someone that’s bigger than you and let them do the work splitting the crowds for you. As if you want to be the one getting sandwiched between sweaty bodies after lunch time. And the bonus is you’ll get to class on time.

2. Get yourself a friend who works at Donut King.
I am blessed with one of these Donut King gods. They bring in donuts after their shifts and smuggle them through the school to share. Exactly what I need after a long morning of classes.

3. Sign your friends up to as many pointless online newsletters as possible.
There’s nothing I enjoy more during a double Chemistry lesson than signing up my friends to useless online newsletters. Whether it be crochet and soapmaking to hockey and their daily love horoscopes, it’s genuinely great fun.

4. Have a study session.
Yes! Have a study session with your friends so you can procrastinate and share your non-existent assignment ideas together. Good times. Especially when you end up getting free food from the tuckshop and playing soccer instead.

5. Always take the opportunity to get a day off school.
Whether you accidentally nominated yourself for district cross country, are going to a university open day or pretending you want to pursue a career in health to go on a tour through a hospital, just take it. I’m sure you’ll catch up on the monstrous mountain of work that you missed.

In all seriousness, if you are struggling with school or studying, please get help. There’s no point to not being at your best. Here’s a link to Reach Out if you need:


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