Why I Have the World’s Best Mum

I know I’m slightly late for Mother’s Day but here’s why I have the World’s Best Mum…

Before you all give my weird, half-terrified eyes, I must tell you that my mum has no plans to murder any of her children, well, at least I hope. You’ll see why I had to warn you soon.

So, my brother had this packet of extremely sour powder (intended for diluting in a Slurpee, not for eating straight) and he kept on openly discussing with himself whether to eat it or not. I should have told him, but I’d seen my best friend nearly vomit by eating it straight. Well, hey, I’m allowed to mess with him every once in a while, right? So my mum went to extremes, she told him to come over to her. She held him still and poured nearly the entire packet down his throat. While I was literally peeing my pants (don’t go there) with laughter, my brother was legit choking. As you can tell, my mum wins the World’s Best Mum Award nearly every year.

Another time I was at the skate park with my mum and two of my little brothers, I had never been before and certainly wasn’t a very good skater or BMX rider. My mum thought it was a good idea to challenge me to go down the half-pipe on my mountain bike. I was unconvinced… until she said, she’d do it if I did it. It ended with me still on the bike but the seat in a really awkward position, I’ll never know how I managed to stay on. My mum still hasn’t done her part of the deal.

Along with all the big times, my mum has proven she’s one of the most awesome people on the planet, the smaller times have been great too. Like the time she got stuck on the end of a slide, the time she taught me to drive in 15 minutes and when she showed us her ultra dorky 90’s music. She’s one of a kind. Anyway, I think she’s the best and good on her.


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