Tales from the Backseat of Grandma’s Car

My grandma’s tiny little Subaru has been through a world of pain from the day my grandma drove it home. Karaoke sessions with Adele, Macca’s runs, a vomiting terrier and thousands of bags of groceries and useful “as seen on television” products. Today, I’m going to tell the tales of how my grandma nearly wiped out my siblings and the time she lost her car (but unfortunately found the poor thing).

So my grandma came to stay with my family for a few days, and she decided to take us to get lunch. We began to drive back home, and we were about halfway there when the car jerks upwards. I grab onto the handle like it’s the last cinnamon donut in the packet and I was positive that we were about to roll the car in that two seconds of horror. My knuckles were white and my sibling’s terrified faces danced around my head. Thankfully the Subaru survived and landed on all four wheels.

This story is possibly the best tale, a legend in my family, something that everyone loves laughing and teasing my grandma for. Drum roll please, The Lost Car Incident. My grandma and her friends went shopping in a massive shopping center for the first time, a shopping center with many levels of parking, each space with a letter, a number and a color. Easy right? Obviously not. My grandma and her friends all took one last look at where they had parked, memorizing the letter, number, and color of their parking space. It was Blue, C13.

When the day was over, they went back to where they thought they had left the car, only to find it missing. The center’s security, the police, and the insurance company was called and informed that there was indeed a stolen car. The center security came to talk about the incident; they definitely had the right letter, number, and color. The kind officer asked if they had checked the other park called Blue, C13. They all went up a level. Searched for the Blue, C13, and ahhhhhhhhhhh. The case of the stolen car was solved at last.

This one is dedicated to my cousin who is also my favorite teasing buddy.

Hope you enjoyed that post, I’d just like to tell you that averagefrank now has an Instagram account, so check that out if you want. The link is below:



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