Unhelpful Things People Say That Make You Want to Slap Them

People say things out of the bottom of their heart all the time, but these five things are probably better not being said at all.

  1. Don’t stress.

Honestly, DOES IT LOOK LIKE I DON’T KNOW THAT?! Can’t you see I’m currently pulling my hair out by the roots and getting ready to tear off my own damn fingernails? When someone looks stressed, kindly refrain from stating the obvious and present something more helpful.

  1. You look tired.

Thank you very much for saying I look tired. I did indeed look in the mirror this morning and notice that I have massive black circles under my eyes. Have a fantastic day ‘o’ observant one.

  1. Stop procrastinating.

I know, I know. They’re only trying to help, but then again even if someone tells me not to procrastinate, does that mean I’m going to finish my 800-word essay that’s due tomorrow? Probably not.

  1. You’re overreacting.

You are right, I am overreacting. But what I need right now is a fluffy blanket, a box of tissues and quite possibly a 10-liter bucket of Malteasers. Don’t judge.

  1. Hurry up.

I’m talking about the moments when you’re trying you’re best to be fast, but naturally you’re just a slow worker. Simply saying “hurry up” to someone won’t make them go faster. You need to use other tactics. Maybe try a throwing a basketball at them or poking them with a fork. They’ll know you’re not joking around.



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