Why Everyone Thinks I Can’t Cook

It’s the 28 of March and a beautiful day has sprung from a sleep in all due to the wonder of having exam block. For any of you who have never had an exam block before, it’s a week where you only have to be at school for exams. You get to stay home most of the time. It’s fantastic.

Anyway it got to lunchtime and I’d been having salad sandwiches all week, so I decided to try something new. How about curry? I put some rice in a pot and went on to create the curry part of the meal. Onion, curry powder, garlic, salt, pepper, and vegetables. I also splashed some water in. Unfortunately, this is where my lunch took a turn for the worst, I put too much in.

Oh well, I’ll just add a little corn flour to thicken it up, just like my mum always said to do. I’d watched her do it a thousand times. This would have worked great if I had actually mastered the art of stirring it in, however, I was left with curry and an appetizing side of corn flour clumps. Yummy.

Well, off we go to plan B. Sushi. Not just any sushi, though, sandwich sushi.

Sandwich sushi is basically just sushi, but instead of using a seaweed wrap you use flattened bread. This went bad as well. The rolls weren’t sticking together and they tasted pretty bad.

Was that the end of my lunch? Hell no! I had one last plan up my sleeve (Actually I didn’t even have sleeves). I wasn’t ready to give up on my sandwich sushi yet. I grabbed the closest bottle of sauce, barbecue sauce, and loaded that sushi roll.

The moral of this story you may ask? When in doubt, grab the sauce.




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